In English

Welcome to the homepage of Krigshjärta VII. Krigshjärta VII is a LARP (Live-Action Roleplaying Game) primarily played in Swedish but participants are allowed to use English aswell – almost all players speak more or less fluent English. This introduction in English is primarily meant for potential participants from other countries as well as the international press.

The Game
Krigshjärta VII is a game about social injustice, extremist politics, relations, action and combat. The fundamental open-mindedness of the game makes sure that participants will be able to both play Nordic Larp-style relationships as well as focus on Nordic fantasy-style war gaming and soldiering. The game focuses on the portrayal of soldiers on the brink of combat in a pseudo-historical environment. Think of it as the LARP equivalent of an action movie in a “sort of renaissance”-setting and you’ll get the picture.

Krigshjärta (Swedish: Heart of War) is a part of the “Krigshjärta campaign”. A Swedish low fantasy LARP-campaign, which had its first game in 2006. Today, Krigshjärta is one of Sweden’s most active LARP- campaigns with about six to eight games per year. The games focus on the war between the totalitarian fascist country of “Cordovien” – and the ultra-capitalist organization Gillet (Swedish: the Guild) as well as the people caught in between.

The scenario of Krigshjärta VII is set in two rivalling army camps and the nearby battlefield which separates the two camps. Most players portray a company of soldiers in service to one of the factions, and will live, eat and fight together with this company. But an army camp offers a wide range of available characters, stories and backgrounds making Krigshjärta VII a game suitable for many types of players. The fictional cultures in the world of Krigshjärta are well-written and the cultural distinctions initiate interesting culture clashes, which makes it easy to create playable characters and stories.

The game has high standards when it comes to equipment, role-playing, esthetics and special effects. Players are expected to create and portray a realistic character as well as making a suitable and correct costume.

Krigshjärta VII is organized by the non-profit organization Krigshjärtan together with many of the LARP-organizations who at the moment are active on the Nordic Larp-scene.

The project which is Krigshjärta VII is built on values such as equality, solidarity, friendship, acceptance, love and understanding. Sexism, racism, discrimination of LGBT or any other type of discrimination will not be tolerated.

Members of the press, the public or the LARP’ing society are welcome to contact the organizers of Krigshjärta VII by using the email